Obstetric Anaesthesia

Currently not recruiting – scheduled new program application in March 2019


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This is an advanced education programme for specialists in anaesthesiology, with a special interest in obstetric anaesthesia, from the five Nordic countries.

The program lasts two years and consists of:

  • Clinical training, working in one or two departments of anaesthesia, at least one with a special division for obstetric anaesthesia
  • Four SSAI courses in various Nordic countries and participation in the SSAI Congress 2019
  • A four week exchange programme in a foreign country
  • A research project

After fulfilling the Advanced Education Programme, the candidate will be awarded a SSAI Certificate in Obstetric Anaesthesia


Application Form Information and description of the program Contract


The application form and contract should be sent to program chairman:

Johanna Sarvela/SSAI
Jorvs Sjukhus
Åbovägen 150
PB 800 00029 HUS
e-mail: johanna.sarvela(at)hus.fi



Programme VI start: 1st October 2019

Application deadline 1st. March 2019


Obstetric Anaesthesia Working group

Obstetric Anaesthesia Programme Chairman:
Dr. Johanna Sarvela: Johanna.Sarvela@hus.fi, johanna.sarvela@fimnet.fi, Finland

Dr. Antii Väänänen: antti.vaananen@hus.fi, Finland

Dr. Lone Fuhrmann:  lone.fuhrmann@regionh.dk, Danmark

Dr. Kim Ekelund: kim.ekelund@regionh.dk, kimekelund@gmail.com, Danmark

Dr. Sigurbjörg Skarphéðinsdóttir: sigskarp@landspitali.is, Iceland

Dr. Ólöf Viktorsdóttir: olofvik@landspitali.is, Iceland

Dr. Joanna Haynes: joanna.claire.haynes@sus.no, Norway

Dr. Elin Bjørnestad: elin.bjornestad@helse-bergen.no, Norway

Dr. Ove Karlsson: ove.i.karlsson@vgregion.se, Sweden

Dr. Susanne Ledin Eriksson: susanne.ledin.eriksson@regiongavleborg.se, Sweden


Information on the (running) courses within the SSAI Obstetric Anaesthesia


Programme V

  • 1st Course Uppsala, Sweden: October 2017
    Course responsibility: Dr. Susanne Ledin Eriksson: ledin.eriksson@regiongavleborg.se, Sweden
  • 2nd course London, England: November 2017
    The group will atttend the OAA “Three day course on Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia.” Course responsibility: Dr. Elin Bjørnestad: elin.bjornestad[at]helse-bergen.no
  • 3rd Course Copenhagen, Denmark 2018 – May 2nd-5th
    Course responsibility: Dr. Kim Ekelund: ekelund@regionh.dk, kimekelund@gmail.com
  • 4th Course Helsinki, Finlad 2019 – January 28th-31st
    Course responsibility: Johanna.sarvela[at]hus.fi
  • SSAI Congress Copenhagen, Danmark: 2019
    Aim: To present the projects done in the Programme as poster abstracts
    Contact persons:Dr. Kim Ekelund: ekelund@regionh.dk, kimekelund@gmail.com, Danmark and Dr Lone Fuhrmann, lone.fuhrmann@regionh.dk, Danmark



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