SSAI 2017 general assembly

August 7, 2017 by Administrator
12:30    08th Sep 2017    Malmö Messan, Malmö, Sweden 

The general assembly of the SSAI will take place September 8th at the SSAI congress at Malmö Messan, Malmö, Sweden.
Room: 12.30-13.30
Time: TBA

Please find the minutes of the general assembly 2015 here.

Agenda (with links to respective documents):

  1. Opening of the General Assembly
  2. Election of the chairman for the meeting
  3. Election of tellers
  4. Approval of the Agenda.
  5. Report from the President and the Board
  6. Report from the Committees
  7. Report from the Acta Foundation
  8. Report from the SSAI 2017 congress president
  9. Revision of the SSAI articles; second hearing
  10. Financial report of the SSAI
  11. Relief of responsibility for the Board
  12. Decision of membership fee based on the recommendation from the Board
  13. Election of President for SSAI and election of Auditor
  14. The 35th SSAI Congress in Copenhagen
  15. Other business.
  16. Closing of the General assembly.


Sigridur Kalman
President SSAI

About SSAI

The mission of SSAI is to promote safe, modern and effective care for our patients.

In SSAI the five Nordic nations with shared values and preferences, work together to harmonize the work of the five national societies, based on high Nordic ambitions and expectations in health care and our specialties.

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